Next Battlefield Game Is Coming This Year

Electronic Arts last Battlefield game was released back in 2016. Then in the year 2017, no next part of franchise released or revealed. EA has given a surprise by confirming that the new Battlefield will be back later this year. Battlefield games are first person shooter video games developed by EA DICE and published by ELECTRONIC ARTS.

The title is mostly themed on War stories in first person mode. It also has single player and multiplayer modes for playing with friends. Last entry was a very successful game which received positive reviews mostly all over the world and has some improvements in graphics and gameplay mechanics on previous titles as well.

Possible Name Of Next Battlefield Title

According to a recent leak, the new BF game will be called Battlefield: bad company 3, and it is currently in development. But again this is just a leak which could turn out to be true or not We don’t know that for sure.

Following is the everything that leaked and we know so far.

Release Date

In this scene, we don’t currently know about a solid release date for next game considering we  don’t even know about the exact name of the upcoming title. Battlefield bad company is just a recent leak, with no official news.


Nothing we have in official, we don’t exactly know what king of gameplay the new game will offer. But we do have some recent leak from some person who did some prediction for Battlefield 1 and guess what it was indeed true. The leak come from a YouTube channel TheAlmightyDaq where it claimed that the Battlefield Bad Company 3 will feature a fully supported Single player campaign based on the Vietnam/cold War era. Multi player maps are also said to be smaller and tighter.


So we know that  if the new BF game according to recent leaks would release later this year which means in 2018 then the game will fully support PS4, Xbox One and their respective 4K supported upgraded platforms and PC. So that’s it. Here is the everything being a gamer you need to know about upcoming Battlefield game. Stay tuned for more!

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