Single-player Games are Dying says Ex-Director of Star Wars

If you are a fan of single-player games then there is an important news for you!. As we all know that single-player games always have been a vital part of video gaming and will continue to be but an ex-Director of Star Wars game think otherwise. He said that single-player games are slowly vanishing for the past some years or so.

Electronic Arts showed last year by investing a lot of money into a single-player linear Star Wars game was something they didn’t want. Unfortunately, companies like Electronic Arts and Activision Blizzard have this strong belief that single-player games are not worth spending the big money on. They are looking for more profitable side and that is multi-player games in their sight. It is a true fact that these type of games make a great revenue for the gaming companies.

EX-Director Of Star Wars Believes Single-player Games are dying

An EA ex-Director Amy Hennig who’s no longer working with Electronic Arts started her own Indie game development company which fully dedicated to multi-player games gives her thoughts about big AAA single-player focused games saying that she feels these games are not sustainable.

Speaking at the game lab 2018 she hosted a panel along with Mark Cerny and was asked by the audience whether single-player games are dead and what she thinks about that. Hennig answered :

To be fair they didn’t actually say that. I think that like everything in our world today, the bad versions get around the world before the truth can get its pants on. Did Churchill say that? I think so. It is really tough. Shawn talked about in relation to Sony. God bless Sony for supporting these kinds of games, because they are terrified to make. They are very expensive, and it does not suit the model of having a massive open world or hours and hours of gameplay or running a long survice, which is what everybody is shooting for these days.It is not that we are looking at the death of single-player games, or that players don’t want that. Some publishers are going to fall on one end of that spectrum or another based on their business plan.Fair enough. It’s just that the traditional ways we have done that are getting harder and harder to support. That’s why I have talked in the past about feeling like we are in an inflection point in the industry. We’ve talked about this for a long time. How do we keep on making games like this when they’re getting prohibitively expensive? We don’t want to break the single-player experience, but there’s a pressure to provide more and more at the same price point games have always been

She further said some things about how she doesn’t fault EA for that decision and she also said that:

I think it’s about portfolios of games at different price points that allow us to do more than just PUBG’s and Fortnites and Destiny clones


To put the story, in a nutshell, I must say that we all know and can understand how difficult it is to make an AAA game or open world game nowadays but the reasons she gave to abandoned single-player games are not valid points. We all know that how single-player games like God of War sold very well. It is just people expect so many things from a single game which is not right.  A lot of publishers like Electronic Arts and Activision are getting behind multiplayer microtransactions experiences and it is just because of greed. They try to make maximum profits. It is not that they can’t make and support a phenomenal single-player game, it is just they choose not to.

Anyways thanks for reading also be sure to let me know about your thoughts on this one whether you support their decision of not making single-player games or not. Like our Facebook page for more latest news and articles related to video gaming.



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