The Witcher 3 Main Protagonist Is Coming To Soulcalibur VI

Geralt Of Rivia the legendary protagonist of video games world of all the time is ready to make an entrance in Soulcalibur VI. Soulcalibur VI is an upcoming fighting base video game being made by Project Soul and published by Bandai Namco. Watch the trailer below:

Some Other Guest Characters

Soulcalibur series is notorious for its unique guest characters. Some of the famous guest characters in this series are :

  • Link
  • Yoda
  • Dark Vader
  • Ezio Auditore

Developer Thoughts

In this matter, Bandai Namco community manager Isshak Ferdjani said in a PlayStation post that:

We’re incredibly excited to partner with CD Project and bring this one of a kind collaboration to fruition.“While coming from his own separate world, Geralt fits right in the European fantasy setting of Soulcalibur VI

Some Details From The Trailer

In this trailer, we can see that Geralt fights with the same style and techniques. He casts a spell on Mitsurugi that throw him backwards. He also block the attack of Mitsurugi from behind. Then we see him light the opponent on fire and then deliver the final blow. With his fast attacking style just like his fighting habit in Witcher’s 3 Wild Hunt it makes him a very hard and difficult opponent in the game. It is confirmed that Geralt will have both his swords which are steel and silver. In Witcher’s 3 the steel sword is for humans and the silver one is for monsters. But it is unclear that how these both swords will be used in this game. Kaer Morhen place will be included in this game.CD Project red shared its original assets from the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt with Soulcalibur VI team. It is worth mentioning that CD Project red community leader Marcin Momot also announced the returning of Geralt Of Rivia in another video game but he didn’t mention which game. But it seems now we know which game.

Release Date

 Soulcalibur VI  is scheduled for release on this year but we don’t know the specific date or month for that. As for now just enjoy the trailer and hope for the best.


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