Location And Release Date Of GTA6 Leaked!

Grand Theft Auto 5 was released back in 2013. After its success in terms of popularity and sale, GTA 6 became one of the most anticipated game ever. There were many rumors related to nest GTA release date and game setting, but we already knew that any of the Grand Theft Auto related rumors hardly ever come out to be true. But this doesn’t let people thinking and estimating things about next Grand Theft Auto things. As we know that Rockstar does not like to run their games release schedule like other games companies. Even their official release dates of games sometimes turn out to change or extend. But this time we have some solid rumors about Grand Theft Auto next installment which you just can’t afford to ignore.

Game Setting

According to a YouTube channel, the next Grand Theft Auto will be set in Vice City (Miami) and will sometimes let the player go to South America for completing some missions. The game will be named as Project Americas. The channel had an inside source in Rockstar company which requested to hide his identity for the sake of his job.

Release Date

The new GTA 6 game will be released in three to four years and that is approximately 2021 or 2022 according to a source of that channel. This makes eight to nine years gap between installments which is more than enough.

Female Playable Character

The new game will have a female playable character, but we don’t know yet if there will be many playable characters or not but female entry is confirmed. You can watch the video from that channel below:

hqdefault GTA 6 Will Be Set in Vice City With Release Date of 2021-2022


We know that it will be a long wait and feels like an eternity, but we also know that Rockstar games believe in quality over quantity so this wait will be worth it. Until next update take this information as grain of salt and hope for the best. Please like and follow us on our facebook page for more updates.


  1. There are easter eggs to every GTA game in GTA5 xD so those end easter eggs really are not proof of anything. And they have already been hinting that the next game would be more tokyo like so… unsure about vice city.

    • Yeah you may be right but gta6 ain’t gonna be set in Tokyo no matter what because Tokyo culture and everything there do not support GTA main theme


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