GTA6 Is Going To Be Best Open World Game And Here Is Why

Rockstar North which is a daughter company of Take-Two Interactive also responsible for making and developing awesome games like Grand Theft Auto series is currently making all time and the most anticipated game of next generation which is GTA 6. The game is currently in initial stages of production. A couple of days earlier we got some tasty information about the setting of GTA6 and release date. To those who still don’t know the recent rumors about GTA6, the next Grand Theft Auto game is going to be set in Vice City (GTA version of Miami) and some parts of South America and the game will release sometime in 2021-2022. Now yesterday Rockstar North tweet a job opportunity for hiring a graphics programmer for their future next-generation games. You can see the screenshot of rockstar tweet below:

In this tweet, we can see that Rockstar North require a graphics programmer who can make their next generation and upcoming games graphically powerful and who can give their title more realistic effects and breathe life in their next open world games. They also said that:

This is an exciting opportunity to develop cutting edge graphics and visual effect system working together with the art department to create optimal,attractive solution for our games


We know that Rockstar North major title is Grand Theft Auto and they are currently making GTA6 for their next generation title. With this tweet, we now know that now they think their current staff is not qualified enough for giving realistic effects in their future games like GTA6, but they are gonna make a very graphically demanding GTA 6 with giving a bold touch of realism in their game. I hope you enjoyed the latest updates regarding Grand Theft Auto 6. To be honest we really can’t wait to see just a tiny glimpse of next GTA game with the technology of next-generation consoles. Please follow us on our facebook page for more updates.



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