Here Are Some New Things Which Will Be Included In HITMAN 2

Last week on Geforce event Game director of upcoming game HITMAN 2 actually revealed some new information about a lot of new things that will come with this sequel. He talked about some story details and gameplay features which we will see in next HITMAN and how this game will be different as compared to the last one.

New Features In HITMAN 2

Game director Jacob Mikkelsen said in a short interview that this time all the story missions of this upcoming sequel will be released at once on official release date. So due to the fact that this game is a sequel, so many characters from the HITMAN 1 will be appearing in the game and will continue the story in HITMAN 2. The story will go a bit closer to 47, so it will be interesting to see how that aspect will evolve moving forward because there are some events that are gonna happen.

We will also have many choices and paths that we can take this time in order to complete an assassination. He said that the players will have many ways of eliminating a specific target as much as possible. That’s mean whatever method cross your mind you can actually do it in that way. But it is all about being creative and also one would have to do a lot of infiltration to get there. Also, you have to be clever and wise to get there and choosing the right outfit at the right time to do it is a much important part of all of the mission. There will be many outfits available for the player as disguises such as waiters, mechanics, food vendors and many others according to the type of mission.

In stealth ability section developers added this new mechanic to the NPC crowds which is you can actually dip into the crowds if you get into the trouble and the guards will come and search for you in the crowds and they will have a hard time finding you in so many people there. So you can choose crowds now for your own benefit.

HITMAN 2 will have a new mode called sniper assassin which is if you are gonna pre-order the game right now then you will get instant access to a mode sniper assassin which has a single-player mode with 47 and a co-op mode where you can snipe alongside with a friend. It all takes place at a wedding in a beautiful castle in Austria in which you need to eliminate a lot of bodyguards and three targets. For more information watch this following video from Nvidia GeForce.

Release Date

HITMAN 2 will release on November 13, 2018, on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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