Jim Carrey As A Detective In Upcoming Movie

One of the upcoming movies of this year Dark Crimes 2018 just have a first official trailer. The movie is being made by Saban Films and Directv. The production companies are Los Angeles media fund and RatPac-Dune Entertainment. This movie comes from the executive producers of Revenant and Black Mass. You can watch the official trailer below:


In this crime drama type film, we have a story of a detective named Tadek who is when solving a murder case become obsessed with it when he finds incidents of murder case continuously linking with an author written book, who described exact same killing in his novel. Now due to detective being suspicious of an author(Krystov Kozlow), he must find every evidence he could to use against the author in court. In the trailer, we can see that as detective begins to keep tracking and following his girlfriend who is actually a mysterious sex club worker his fascination grows and he keep descending in a criminal underworld. The trailer shows us some curving and twisting moments in the movie. This movie is based on the article True Crimes wrote in 2008 by David Grann.

Some Famous Movies Of Jim Carrey

Jimy Carrey got fame for his best work in comedy movies in 90’s like The Mask,  Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber but as he takes steps forward and moved further in cinema he started to do some serious roles in movies like The Number 23, Man on the moon and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Cast And Release Date

Starring Jim Carrey as Tadek (detective), Marton Csokas as Kozlow (author), and Charlotte Gainsbourg as Kasia (author girlfriend) this movie currently doesn’t have an exact release date yet but it’s confirmed to be released this year. This movie was initially set to release in 2016 but got delayed.

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