A new Crime Film Is Coming

John wick released back in 2014 got some solid rating and considered one of the best movies in the crime and thriller category. Similar to the theme of that movie like stylish fighting, cinematography and criminal underworld empire related, now we have a new movie called Hotel Artemis 2018 which just have its first new official trailer. You can watch the trailer below:


This first trailer gives us an idea that this movie will be a crime and Sci-Fi type film with a completely different cast than identical themed movie John Wick. The story is about a hospital which is actually a part of a hotel redolent of faded ‘20s glamour, being managed by a nurse named Jean Thomas who treat wounded and injured criminals in her emergency room. Although it’s a secret and illegal ward the nurse is completely brave and fearless woman. The criminals have to follow her rules when they are standing in her hospital for medical checkup and assistance. The Nurse treats a collection of assassins, gunrunners, thieves, and gangsters in an unexpected and bizarre state-of-the-art emergency room capable of providing a new liver with a 3-D printer or injecting a patient with nanobots that heal them from inside. One night in Los Angeles when a failed heist made a legendary Orian Franklin also known as  Niagara go to nurse ward for medical treatment. His sudden arrival and immediate turn cause a huge violent clash among criminals already there waiting for their turn to be treated. One patient there having a particularly deadly motive for checking into the hotel also provide as icing on the cake situation. Soon they came to know that only to find that Jeff Goldblum( the biggest, worst crime lord in this world) plays a dude who wants what they’ve got so bad he doesn’t care for tradition. In that difficult scene, the nurse makes a decision that could risk the future of ER and every criminal in it with a staff member Everest and others.


The film cast includes Jeff Goldblum as wolf king(crime lord), Jodie Foster as the nurse, Sofia Boutella as Nice.

Release Date

Hotel Artemis is all set to release on June 8th, 2018(American Release). Follow us on our Facebook page for more latest movies related news.


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