Watch A Frightening Clip Of T-Rex

A new trailer has just arrived on the internet which brings some new clips and information about the upcoming movie Jurassic World: fallen kingdom infamous dinosaur’s science fiction movie series. It is of high chance that this will not be the last trailer for this movie because release time of it is a couple of month’s ahead,therefore it will not be the final trailer. It got some old clips from previous trailers and some new clips as a teaser of total 30 seconds in it which has some intense T-Rex clip in it . Please watch the trailer 3 below:

Details About This Clip

In this new teaser we can see that Owen find himself in the back of the truck with a huge T-Rex which is obviously a sign of danger and struggle for him. Due to being already promised, this new movie in Jurassic park series rating assured us some intense dinosaur  violence. This movie is going to be violent and intense promises the MPAA. There are some few shots of hybrid Indoraptor in this new trailer, which looks terrifying. One of new shots is showing  Mosasaurus swimming in open ocean behind some surfers,and it looks like he is ready to attack on them. Then we got some famous lines from Ian Malcolm saying “welcome to Jurassic world”. Some backstory of this new upcoming movie is that after four years the destruction of the Jurassic world theme park, both Owen and Claire again return to the island to save some remaining dinosaurs from a volcano that’s about to break out. That island is called  Isla Nublar. But they got surprised when they reached at the island and find some new gigantic breeds of alarming dinosaurs. They also have a new matter in hand and that’s uncovering a new conspiracy which target is to threatening the whole planet.

Film Cast And Release Date

Featuring Chris Pratt as Owen Grady, Bryce Dallas as Claire Dearing and Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm the Jurassic World 2 is all set to release on June 22, 2018. Thanks for reading and please do follow us on our Facebook page for more updates.


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