PC Mining Is Causing A Major Decline In PC Gaming

In the last five years, we have seen some very interesting and historical changes in PC Gaming especially in the  GPU market,which is being the rise of cryptocurrency mining. This new change in PC Gaming causes disruption and declining of PC Gaming values and trends.

Both aspects of mining

If we talk about both sides of this case then if a person is cryptocurrency minor and have probably cash in if he has been in this long enough then of course he is in profit very much and will probably speak in the favor of it.Now if we look at another person and he is an average consumer who is young teenager or another dude who has been saving his money all summer or working extra shifts just to afford the new GPU which is probably coming or will come in market and then suddenly the new GPU is unavailable or even available but costs 2 to 3 times the original price of the graphic card because of the it.So what would you say about that person?Can you feel him?

Trends of mining in past years compared to now

We have seen several increase and decrease in trends of cryptocurrency in past few years but they keep getting higher and higher now a days in form the blockchain, aetherium or bitcoin values and rates. So due to this reason, people are moving more and more towards it. Furthermore as “icing on the cake”the more mainstream retailers and other legitimate outlets and retail stores are also start accepting cryptocurrency and if this trend is more being accepted the more people will follow it and doing it and putting a strain on PC Gaming especially in GPU community.


Now this forcing us to believe that this cryptocurrency is causing a huge decline in terms of PC Gaming growth. This doesn’t mean that PC Gaming will completely shut down but wouldn’t grow in speed in which it have been growing for past 5 to 6 years.   So i hope GPU developers would come up with some alternative way to solve this issue for gamers and once again give the opportunity to an average consumer to buy and afford a graphic card.

That’s it. Stay with us  for some more updates and latest news.


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