Gamers Should Expect GTX 2000 Series At GTC 2018

NVIDIA GTX 2080 and GTX 2070 are coming this year. Nvidia released GTX 10 series of their graphics cards back in May and June of 2016. They were powered by the company that time technology new Pascal architecture and built on TSMC’s 16nm FinFET process.GTX 10 series surely set a new high bar in terms of performance and efficiency as well as offered some new features that made them separate and apart from their predecessors. Now its been nearly two years since the arrival of GTX 10 series and the graphics capabilities of new, the latest and upcoming games need some new technology and hardware to fully support and thrive their next-gen graphics. So, in this case, there are rumors that Nvidia is ready to introduce their brand new Geforce GTX 20 series to the public. The GTX 20 series graphic cards will be based upon Nvidia latest 12nm Ampere graphics architecture.

GTC 2018

It is reported that these lineup series will reveal on NVIDIA GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in some late March time on 26-29 dates which are approximately 4 weeks away. So we don’t have to wait for long enough to hear something from Nvidia.

Technology in GTX 20 series

In terms of GTX 20 series technology, it is reported that the cards will use 12nm Ampere graphics architecture. Ampere has been the main topic for the past few months for gamers. It is also said that Nvidia skipped a generation of Volta for the sake of Ampere.

Key Features of Ampere

Now two key features of Ampere are 12nm manufacturing process and GDDR6 memory type. It is possible that the upcoming GTX 20 series will support 16gb memory. The new GDDR6 memory type made by Samsung.

Official names of cards

It is still unclear if the upcoming series of Nvidia graphics cards hold the name of GTX 2080, GTX2070 and so on.These are just some assumptions and not the official names.   But anyway take this information as a grain of salt and keep visiting for some new and more updates.

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