What would happen if you SLI the two RTX 2080Ti ?

NVIDIA released a new graphic card which actually belongs to RTX 20 series family called RTX 2080. This latest entry card is powered by Turing GPU Architecture which will give you 6 times the performance of previous generation cards and also bring the latest technology of real-time ray tracing and AI to games. RTX 2080Ti is factory over-clocked with  next-generation 13-phase power supply for maximum over-clocking and dual-axial 13-blade fans coupled with a new vapor chamber for ultra-cool and quiet performance. So basically RTX 2080Ti is biggest, baddest monster right now in PC Gaming graphics card market. So what would happen if we decide to SLI with two monsters RTX 2080Ti’s. Watch this video below then we will talk about this:


After putting these two cards in SLI mode the upper card immediately hits 84-85 degree’s with the fans at 100%. Buttom one is in 55-65 degree’s in terms of temperature. So as long as you have some space between them you should be okay.

Tom Clancy Ghost Racon Wildlands

After overclocking the cards and SLI being enabled, setting the resolution to 4K, with the G-sync turned off in Tom Clancy Ghost Racon Wildlands, we get 104.96 FPS and scaled 61.9% improvement with 2 cards and that is good because some games can’t even scale 50%.

Shadow Of Tomb Raider

In Shadow Of Tomb Raider, with the highest settings and 4K resolution, the average FPS is 124 and that is more than doubled our base line test but that’s because of we over-clocked. In the latest games NVIDIA promised to make SLI a thing again by using RTX cards, so the result is right here in-front of our eyes.

But what if we use an old title here like Rise Of Tomb Raider here? With non-over-clocked RTX 2080Ti ultra graphics with old drivers we got 144.8 FPS! It is again good for 4K panel though. Temperature reached 62 degree here.


Both of graphic cards never got any upper than 40 degree’s under load which is most important of all, and core clocks during these tests somewhere at 2115 MHz. So NVIDIA RTX 2080Ti SLI is definitely scaling and that is very great news for SLI users.

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