The Catcher Was a Spy

Paul Rudd is best known for his work in Marvel movie ant-man released back in 2015. That was no doubt one of the best performance by this actor in that movie, so if you already love his work then you shouldn’t miss his new upcoming movie “The Catcher Was a Spy” in which he goes behind enemy lines in a war with Germans for making an atomic bomb. This movie is actually set in World War 2 based on a true event. Watch the trailer below:



This movie genre is actually Drama/Biography in which a man named Moe Berg lives a double life. One as a basketball player and the other one as a spy for Strategic Services. This movie is based on a true story from WW2. Hopefully, we will get some new information about this story in the next trailer.

Some history or backstory of Moe Berg is that he is the only major-league baseball player whose baseball card is on display at the headquarters from CIA. He educated at  Princeton and the Sorbonne, he is also well known for his speaking of dozen other languages besides his native language. That’s why he became a spy of Office of strategic services (OSS) in World War 2. His only motive is to help the Americans to win the race to make the bomb. In this regard, I’ve been put behind enemy lines to beat Germany in the race to build the world first ever atomic bomb.


The Catcher Was a Spy movie cast includes Paul Rudd as Moe Berg (basketball player and spy), Jeff Daniels as William J. Donovan, Paul Giamatti as scientist and Sienna Miller as Estella Huni ( More wife). It is directed by Ben Lewin and produced by PalmStar Media. This movie is all set to release on June 22, 2018 (USA).

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