Red Dead Redemption 2 Coming This Year

One of the most awaited games of Rockstar Games Red Dead Redemption 2 just got some latest news about it’s release date and when we should expect new information from developers and a new trailer. Since release date of this upcoming title is coming near as the time passes but Rockstar is as usual to remain silent and are not sharing any kind information regarding this game and fans are almost tired of waiting for a new trailer. But don’t worry because we have now some latest news about when the marketing of Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to start.

An art book of RDR2 got leaked yesterday and it’s been found on all over Amazon, set to release on October 30th, 2018 right after the RDR2 release date.

Release Date:

Twitter account of Red dead news just tweeted in which they said we spoke to Amazon and confirmed that this product will be released on 30th October. See that tweet and art book below:

The Artbook is an actual visual companion of Red Dead Redemption 2 and will tell and shows us some creation and gameplay mechanics of this western themed video game. Rockstar has the habit of showing by releasing some backstage work and creation of their games by the detailed storyline, and concept arts and sketches.

Due to the confirmed release date of this art book of RDR 2 the release date of the game itself is confirmed now because that book shall release after release of the actual game. We are happy now because we now know that Rockstar isn’t gonna delay their game again.

Actual Time Period Of Game

Besides that art book and release date information we also have some news about time period of the setting and story of game. If you look closely to that screenshot of Amazon art book description and see  that first paragraph then you will find this line:

 “as they rob, fight and steal across the vast and rugged heart of America at the turn of the twentieth century in order to survive”

Now this line gives us the answer to the time period of the setting of the game which is probably between 1898-99 to 1901. This gives us the clue that the RDR 2 story is set 10 years prior to the events of RDR 1.

We Should Expect Next Official Information Soon:

Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive next press conference is gonna held on May 16 and this is important because any type of information or news related to RDR  always come before this call, So we should expect next information or trailer about this game in a couple of weeks probably.

Anyway, these are the some latest news you should know if you are a fan of this upcoming title.

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