Latest Samsung Phone Brought A New Camera Feature

Samsung Galaxy S9 camera has its new unique feature and that is The Camera Reimagined. This new phone from Samsung just recently launched in the market on March 11, 2018. It is a phone that was the most anticipated smartphone of 2018. There are many special features in this phone and one of its special features is its new camera feature. Some of its camera Reimagined features are the following:

A camera that changes aperture with light

It has a camera feature in which it changes its camera with light which means it doesn’t matter now in which part of the light you are taking pictures or filming. It’s camera automatically detect the light around you and optimize itself to give the consumer a better experience. Its camera has a variable aperture lens and behaving like an eye pupil. Just like human eye pupil dilates in dark and contracts in light its camera does the same with lens and give a better clear vision. Now if you are using its camera in daylight or at night time or anywhere you like this new feature got your back.

Slow Motion

In this new feature of the S9 camera while filming it changes slow motion capture to four times slower and gives a better slow motion encounter. Video records at 960fps.It limiting up to 20 shots per video and approximately 0.2 seconds of recording and six seconds playback for each shot. But it only supports HD resolution. Screen images stimulate. You can also reverse the slow-motion capture video and swing it back and forth and play background music to add some extra fun to this feature.

 AR Emoji Camera

This is a very fun feature of the camera but it is simply a copycat of iPhone X feature. It is a response of Apple Animoji feature. To create your own little avatar you simply smile into the front-facing camera, and the Galaxy S9 creates your own digital version of you. And when it’s created then you can change your appearance just the way you like. Samsung Galaxy S9 is available in $719.99 and s9 + in $839.99. Follow us on our Facebook page for more latest updates.


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