New Alien SCI-FI Movie Is Coming This Year

Producers of some great Sci-Fi movies like “Stranger Things” and “Arrival” are all set to release another movie named “Kin” by showing us it’s official trailer. This movie is being made by Summit Entertainment which is a Lionsgate company. If you are a fan of alien Sci-Fi type entertainment then this movie is definitely for you. Before moving is torylineline of this upcoming movie first watch the trailer below :


It tells us about the story of a young boy with his older brother who just released from prison. The teenager boy father always taught him to stay out of trouble no matter what happens but he didn’t listen to him and accidentally he got into an abandoned building where he finds a futuristic weapon,but if we say a weapon outside of this world then that’ll be the best for defining that weapon, because that weapon actually belongs to an alien who is very technologically advanced specie. It turns out that boy big brother owe money to some dangerous characters and that’s including James Franco. Now with the help of that mysterious weapon they both can get rid of those vengeful criminals, but how will they eliminate the threat of US government and more importantly that mysterious force(alien) which are constantly chasing them for take that thing away from them and maybe kill them Now there are a couple of questions probably raise here that how that alien came on earth and how that weapon misplaced by alien in the first place? But we don’t currently know the answer to those questions. It is possible that apparently, we will get some answers in the next trailer or two.

Cast And Release Date

Starring Myles Truitt as Eli (young boy), Jack Reynor as big brother and James Franco as part of thug group this movie is set to release on August 31, 2018, in the USA. Follow our facebook page for more latest news about upcoming movies.



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