Shadow of Tomb Raider trailer

which released previous month showed us some story details and setting of the game but don’t give us any kind of clue that how the graphics in the game will be and some other aspects of this upcoming game. But we have some new information related to this sequel, which you should know about. So following are 5 new things about this upcoming Tomb Raider.

Whats New?

1-) New Setting

The game is purely and fully set in a dense Jungle with some Mayan pieces of architecture which are all hidden in Jungle. It would be cool to see Lara deal with the hazards of a real tropical jungle this time, and with that also dealing with the animals that are not actually wolves or bears only. It will also a little bit warmer than the last places in rising Of Tomb Raider which is kinda cool. The jungle will be very dense and lush. It is actually the biggest hub world compare to the previous series. Apart from jungle player will also find small groups of people in different parts of the jungle to interact with.

2-) Lara is the Predator now

Similar to the trailer that showed some scenes of Lara attacking some enemy men in the mask in the dense jungle player can also adapt to the environment of the jungle by camouflage technique and attack on militia who actually search for her in the jungle. Well, that means we get to play predator this time and the adapting to the surrounding would be fun to play. She can hide in the bushes, behind the trees and also vines of trees to cover up the entire body. It should be noted that Lara Croft in this upcoming game will be shown as a pro in killing and surviving harsh environments because in Tomb Raider 2013 she was just a teenager new to all of this and was struggling to survive but in Rising of Tomb Raider she was somewhat in the phase of learning.

3-) Trinity isn’t the only danger

Now we are talking about the beginning of the end of the main story so there will be many dangers besides Trinity. There is another character in the game and he is all up in your grill asking for the silver dagger but Trinity doesn’t want to see the dagger in his hands because they have other plans. There are a dagger and a box in the game and you need to put them together and events will occur in the game and Trinity doesn’t want that. So it would be exciting to see other dangers besides Trinity in the game.

4-) Underwater sections

In the game Lara at a point, Lara sets off a tsunami which then creates a whole new underwater section in a town. So that’s mean our next Tomb Raider will include some underwater based puzzling. There will be some dangerous creatures underwater that player will have to look out for.


Screenshot-25-e1526680690821 5 New Things in Shadow of the Tomb Raider That You Should Know About
Source: IGN

5-) More deadly tombs

Finally, there will be some hidden tombs in the game which player will have to find and visit. But these tombs will nothing like before. They will be more deadly, dark and much scary which will give players the feeling of playing a horror game. In the tombs, they(Mayans) really trying to hide something that they don’t want you to pick up such as dagger that I mentioned before that can cause tsunami or apocalypse. These are literally hellhole that you don’t want to go there.

Screenshot-25-e1526680690821 5 New Things in Shadow of the Tomb Raider That You Should Know About
Source: IGN


So these are some interesting new things that will feature in the game. Which one of these did you like most? Tell me in the comments section I am looking forward to knowing about your thoughts regarding this game and if you liked our work here then please subscribe to our blog and like our Facebook page for more updates about video games.





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