Fear The Megalodon In This Upcoming Movie

One of the best movies of this year is THE MEG 2018,which just got it’s first official trailer. This movie is being made by Warner Bros and Flagship Entertainment. It is a Fantasy and Thriller type movie which created a imagination of a sea monster(huge shark) supposed to be extinct. You can watch the trailer below:


In this trailer we can see that a small girl playing with a toy suddenly sees a reflection of a huge creature outside of sea submersible, then she drops her toy out of fear.Then that sea monster create a huge quake in deep sea submersible by biting it’s glass and the crew of that machine unusually alerted. Then they go out to find that little girl and they got surprised when they saw traces of big sharp teeth on glass wall and little girl tells them that “There is a monster outside”.In the next part of trailer crew members of deep sea submersible discusses the time period and sudden appearance of this kind of species which are known to be extinct. The trailer also shows us some clips of surviving moves of the crew when sea creature attacks them from every angle on submersible. If we go to some back story of this movie the deep sea submersible is a plan by international undersea observation program to study deep sea habitat and nature of environment. For this purpose  expert deep sea rescue diver Jonas Taylor is recruited by a visionary Chinese oceanographer. But who knows the circumstances will change when they will face a pre-historic 75-foot-long shark known as the Megalodon in deep sea which got crew trap inside.

Film Cast And Release Date

Featuring Jason Statham as Jonas Taylor(expert deep sea rescue diver), Ruby Rose as Jaxx Herd and Rainn Wilson as Jack Morris, the movie will come out on August 10,2018.

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